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MedicalCAT® - Experience the new form of carbonic acid therapy

The CAT® treatment is carried out with CO2 gas. It is fed into a special biocompatible treatment shell, which surrounds the body part to be treated, without the addition of further substances.

The therapy system

The MedicalCAT® -therapy-system removes the air from the treatment shell, creates a slight vacuum and thus prepares the body for the treatment. It heats the gas for a physical reaction and transports it into the treatmen shell.

The average duration of a CO2 treatment depends on the indication and is approx. 20 – 35 min. CO2-dry bath-treatments are, in contrast to the traditional carbonic baths, much more profitable, safer, and more hygienic. Moreover, they mean substantially less effort, both for inpatient and outpatient use.


  • Wound management
  • Burn medicine
  • Sport rehabilitation
  • Geriatrics
  • Plastic surgery
  • Rehabilitation

The effect

  • Targeted carbon dioxide stimuli trigger a variety of reactions, especially in the peripheral and central loop system.
  • The exchange of substances associated with a CO2 stimulus alters the supply in the surrounding tissue and thus ensures a predictable treatment success.
  • This physiological process is scientifically validated and in physical medicine known as a drilling effect. As a result, skin, muscles and organs are increasingly supplied with oxygen.
  • By means of a dry bath treatment, the CO2 stimulus supports microcirculation, whereby a special therapy effect can be achieved.
  • The result is an altered wound healing and the relief of tissue by an easier removal of metabolic end products.

The benefits


  • Innovative technical development of a method for the effective treatment of circulation problems that has been successfully applied for hundreds of years.


  • The disposable treatment concept eliminates the need for complex hygiene measures. It is certified as a medical device of class IIa complying with the the special requirements in hygiene management.


  • Saving of working time and costly hygienic measures. Billable both for outpatient and for inpatient treatment.


  • High patient and employee safety thanks to the closed treatment system and effective indoor air monitoring.


  • A 35-year company history and thus experience in the manufacture and maintenance of medical devices is a guarantee for the highest operational safety. 24 months of warranty!

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