Founded in the gold city Pforzheim

Unitronic GmbH was founded in 1984 by Berthold Jourdan, business economist, and Wolfgang Bachmeier, responsible for the engineering in the „Gold City“ Pforzheim in Baden-Württemberg.

During the initial years, the company was engaged as an electronic supplier and outsourcing partner in the machinery and equipment sector. The customers come from various fields, for example, dental and other medicinal technology areas, the jewellery industry, textile machines and further industrial branches.

A significant role has always been played by speed regulators for motors, temperature controllers and control modules, but complete control modules and devices also belong to the repertoire.

Our objective was then and still remains being in the position to offer our customers complete solutions oriented to the market, as the competence of Unitronic GmbH extends throughout all stages of the product generation, from the development of mechanical components and housings over the electronic circuits, circuit board assembling, laboratory installation and extending to serial devices..

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