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For the highest demands in modern nail care

Our answer to the numerous nail file devices manufactured in the Far East. The new file range does not radiate in an Asian fancy design or shine in a garb that is inappropriate to the sector; it features contemporary design and a previously unheard of operating comfort.

Besides the expertise derived from almost 35 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of motorised devices and handpieces for different areas of application, impulses gained from practical experience are incorporated with the greatest of ambitions in the products.

Standards for the technical features of devices are becoming stricter in the nail care / nail design field as well. While simple drills without dust aspiration are still largely standard in the nail care field, users are increasingly becoming aware of health aspects, the highest technical standards and a contemporary design in nail care.

Due to our in-house development department and the know-how that we have acquired in years of production, we are able to meet limitless individual requirements (private label design) in relation to nail care.

Our range of equipment is surely unique in its diversity and is compliant with superior quality standards by conviction.

Die Vielfältigkeit unseres Gerätespektrums ist einmalig und hält sich aus Überzeugung stets am oberen Qualitätsniveau.


Our top principles are:

Mesoporation. Innovative. Effective. Genial.

In the field of dermaceutical and aesthetic cosmetic treatments, mesoporation is currently a very innovative and effective method to transport the active and highly molecular active ingredients into deep skin layers without injuring the skin.

Mesoporation is based on the electroporation process. Rapid electrical impulses create a field of tension, causing tiny moisture channels to be opened in the skin for a fraction of a second. The absorption capacity of the skin increased by a hundredfold due to mesoporation and the topically applied active ingredients can practically penetrate the skin cells entirely.

Even deeper penetration than this has been achieved so far by the use of iontophoresis or ultrasound. Significantly enhanced and more sustainable results can be attained with regard to efficacy which are often visible and perceptible after the first treatment.

Mesoporation is an absolutely gentle process free from unwanted side effects as no injury is inflicted on the skin as is the case with micro-needle rollers or injection pistols, for example, in the familiar mesotherapy. Therefore unattractive side effects such as hematoma or weals and swelling cannot occur.

Highly effective anti-aging preparations like hyaluron, collagen and vitamins, which are selectively introduced into the skin cell, ensure an internal padding and tightening of the skin, with the effect that the complexion appears considerably firmer and dewier after only one treatment.


Application areas:

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