Quality is more than avoiding mistakes.Quality is the result of a lived corporate philosophy, which focuses on the pursuit of constant improvement and perfection.

An outstanding commitment to service is the basis of a well functioning customer relationship for us and, at the same time, offers an opportunity for differentiation in competition, because at product level this is becoming more difficult as a result of imitators.

Therefore we offer our partners at home and abroad a rapid shipment of spare parts, a free service training for the technicians or technically qualified and interested staff of our distribution partners. And as support we also offer extensive spare parts lists, exploded drawings or assembly instructions for each product. It goes without saying that we are at your disposal with help and advice on a daily basis, if you contact us by phone or mail.

Against the interest to procure raw materials and parts as cheaply as possible, we are interested in procuring as much as possible from the region and not to try to save as many cents as possible by awarding contracts to companies in the Far East. We deeply believe in installing German components, even if a provider in the Far East is cheaper than then regional provider without exception. Our discussions resulted very much in compromise or unity and consequently our decision has almost always been made in favour of the district or Baden-Württemberg.

A good working climate needs specific prerequisites. It is clear that the individual employee makes a contribution in the form of friendliness, open mindedness, team spirit, etc. However, a great deal of the prerequisites are in the hands of the company. We see the basis in the manners when dealing with staff, the working conditions, and last but not least, in the premises and the social facilities. A diplomatic tone, albeit with the appropriate commitment, always maintains the essential dignity.

We do not employ temporary workers or subcontract workers in our production department or in our offices; on the contrary, we rely on a well qualified and permanent specialist staff.

Friendly working conditions comprise an appropriate amount of available space, brightness and a friendly and pleasant designing of the work place, as well as the appropriate equipment of our team with modern tools, measuring instruments or methods, which allow the everyday work to be carried out more efficiently and, at the same time, more agreeably. Social areas, for example sanitary facilities in our company should be equal to those at home. This also applies to the canteen.

We provide our team with a canteen that is designed in the style of an Italian Osteria with an adjoining large patio with bistro furniture and an oversized awning to provide shade in the outdoor area. In this way, an atmosphere has been created, which is equivalent to the atmosphere found in a tasteful restaurant ambience.

Here the birthdays of our employees are celebrated, company jubilees are celebrated and the annual summer festival is held with a barbecue.

At intervals the staff is informed of the successes of the company, either by verbal announcements, or by means of the displaying of notices. News concerning the situation of the company and the general market situation have a positive effect on the solidarity of the team. Thus information about the successful launching of new device on the market, which was accomplished under time pressure and the extremely active involvement of many participants contributes to a strengthening of the sense of unity And it is exactly in this sense of unity that we see as the core of a positive working climate.

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